Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Move 23: Own a Yacht, but call it a Boat

Own a yacht; call it a boat. Above all make sure it's not "just" a boat, but more a somewhat understated luxury playground on the seas. Yachting has a been the sport of the rich, famous, and powerful for years, and yes... you need to be in the game. The Move is to have a very very nice Yacht that can be handled by a single person -- so get the biggest one you can get that you can take out by yourself with a business associate. This automatically reduces your associate to a crew member to be ordered around as you see fit -- a great tactic to get the upper-hand in negotiations of any kind.

A couple of notes on your yacht. It needs to be much faster than expected, have at least three full-sized bedrooms, and naming it important. It can not be named anything to do with money; names like "Greed is Good" were funny back in the 1980s, but the classic Move is to name it something subtle that only makes sense after you explain it to them. Beoaty is very funny, but questionable (say it again slowly, and you'll get  it -- B.O.A.T.).

It's important for this luxury cruiser to have all the latest technical amenities on board, such as the top of the line marine GPS and on-board satellite internet access. This includes a couple of wave-runners, voice radio equipped diving gear, and mobile phone hotspots so that you can enjoy yourself in a manner befitting someone who has mastered the oceans.

The ultimate Move on top of this Move is to have an even bigger yacht that requires a full-time captain and crew. You don't mention this up-front, but after you have played around on the "boat" for a while, it's nice to park next to the mother-ship and have a refined dinner followed by a dip in the pool while the crew services the little boat.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Move 22: The Hottest Gadget - The iPad

Technology is a tricky thing to keep up with, and having the means, money, and methods to obtain the latest technological wonder is a Move. There might be times when you end up with gadgets that didn't make the grade, and those can be handed out like candy the minute you move on to the next big thing.

In 2010, the Apple iPad is the Move. You want to have one of these, and you needed to be one of the first. There currently isn't a stronger move than using an iPad as your sole method of taking notes in meetings, giving a presentation, and watching movies on a plane. The day will come when you will have to move on to the next new thing, but enjoy your new toy and make sure that you have Your People load it up with all the latest bestselling books, newspapers, movies, and other items that most people aren't willing to pay for yet...

You will also need a nice leather case for your new top-of-the-line Apple iPad -- never scrimp and save when you are making a Move.