Friday, August 1, 2008

Move 9: The Cell Phone

Most people have a cell phone now, so just having one is not enough to be a move any more -- it used to be a great move. Now you can do the opposite and have one of Your People carry a cell phone, and you actually don't have one -- that is a big move; you are above cell phones.

However, an acceptable variation of the Cell Phone move is to always have the very latest, greatest, and hottest cell phone -- whichever one costs the most, is the hardest to get, and is just started to get buzz. In early 2007 this was the Blackberry Pearl or the iPhone; in 2010 it is the iPhone 4 and the Droid X, and in the future it will be something even newer and more exclusive. The problem with those 2007 models in 2008 is that now eveyone has one... same as the 2009 models in 2010 -- they are so last year!

Your cell phone must be International, and you can complain that's why you only are "playing with" the iPhone and haven't fully moved over to it yet.

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