Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Move 17: Own The Road

You own the road. Drive it that way. What are they going to do? Fine you?

Driving a certain way, and you know what I mean, gets the point across that you are untouchable, more important, fearless, and a get-things-done kind of person. Stopping at "Red" lights is for the other guy. You didn't get where you are by following rules. If you are already doing 30mph over the speed limit what does it matter that you crossed a double double-yellow line to get into the carpool lane?

Waiting in a long line of cars is for other people, and speaking of other people: having your own driver is great. It's just that once in a while you want to take that Aston Martin Vanquish out for a real drive, either alone or with someone you want to impress.

Of course, the "at least it is a move if you do get pulled over" is to join your local state's and city's Police Benevolent Association (PBA) and donate heavily enough to be on the board of directors. Then have your board member's business card next to your driver's license in your wallet. An even better move is to have the Police Chief in your car at the time you are pulled over, and at the wheel.

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