Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Move 11: The Right Watch At The Right Time

Wearing the right watch for any occasion is a smooth move. The Rolex is fairly overdone.

A Breitling makes more of a move these days. You'll still want to own a Rolex for certain situations -- just remember that The Moves are more subtle than the classic ostentatious Rolex, Ferrari, and other Vegas-style moves. You’ll make more of a show in Vegas with the smooth Moves than the over-the-top overdone Vegas for amateurs-trying-to-look-rich moves. Especially if you aren’t anywhere near Las Vegas!

Any watch that is exclusive, part of a "secret-club", and not extremely wel-known by the general public is perfect. Tag Heuer was good up until a few years ago when they showed up at CostCo. Patek Philippe and Cartier are old-school that are still good to go.

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